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CinemaGIF Live [short help]

CinemaGIF Live is a Windows application that can capture any region of the screen directly into an Animated GIF. You can make short flicks from e.g. YouTube, Vimeo or any internet video provider. You can even create animated GIFs from other animated GIFs. Moreover, CinemaGIF Live should be able to capture videos played with the popular media player VLC.

  1. Preview Area
  2. Selection Area
  3. Watermark Text
  4. Output GIF Size
  5. Snapshot Duration
  6. Actions
    Snap    Take a screen snapshot 
    Export  Export the animated GIF 
  7. Options
    Timelapse  Force to the output framerate when spiking frames 
    Ping-Pong  Make a smooth loop by reversing the recorded frames and looping the GIF infinitely
  8. Reduce the GIF output palette
  9. Set the framerate of the animated GIF
  10. Skip frames
  11. Caption Area
    Up/Middle/Down  Places captions to the top, middle and the bottom of the GIF
    Use Font button to adjust the font settings 

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